Monday, February 22, 2010

How it started

Several years ago (2002) I realized that I wanted to really do some volunteer work to help "developing countries" to accelerate their socio-economic development. For most of my life I admired doctors, engineers, teachers and other professionals going to under developed countries helping to provide basic needs of the poor populations.
Since I'm not a doctor or don't have particularly advanced skills to build a water system I was wondering what I could do to bring my contribution. Sure, there are always low skilled manual tasks to do, but, I thought there has to be something more valuable that I can do. Then is when I started thinking that if indeed many companies are willing to pay more than $1000 a day for my service, that must be something useful.
Thus, I set off to find ways to employ this highly payed skills for free for some meaningful cause. Moreover, a quick practical and useful additional thought, I can do this volunteer activity comfortably from home at any free time!
That looked like something very smart, fairly easy and definitely of significant value!
Not that easy, not that quick though. It has been several years and I'm still very far from having achieved what I set off for.
Aside from very few and small projects these years of investigation of this interesting subject have brought me more frustrations and confusion than satisfaction and achievements.
Confusion starts with the many labels and definitions that many subjects in the field try to compete with.
Frustration starts with the consideration that many important aspects of this field are missed from theoretical dissertations as well as practical approach.
And frustration is fueled by the impossibility to find a working organization that can leverage the skills and availability of probably many professionals like me.

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